As you may have noticed SBS has recently moved it’s digital channel frequency to a new home on the VHF band from the Mount Dandenong transmitter. Some digital equipment will have already picked up the change and retuned themselves accordingly but other devices will require you to manually retune to continue to receive SBS digital TV and radio channels. If you live in an apartment building you may require the assistance of a specialist (like us!) or your building manager to ensure the buildings MATV (communal antenna system) equipment is compatible. The photo attached to this post was taken today in St Kilda where one of our skilled techs was manually reprogramming a MATV system to ensure 60+ residents can continue to receive SBS.

Melbourne’s 2 other primary transmitters (Como and Inner City) are scheduled to re-stack their digital channels later this year. If you have a query we’d love to hear from you on 1300 361 121.