Fusion (Inner Metro) – designed for the purpose of offering best results for any combination antenna. Manufactured to the highest standards. Matched with an F-type balun for best performance it receives between 6-43 channels which will cover any standard metropolitan area and some country locations.



Fracarro PUA4F (Metro & Country) UHF only – Vertical mounting option. Phased Array antennas provide outstanding rejection of multipath reflection signal when receiving vertically polarised signals. Fracerro PUA4F receives between 28-69 channels.

Fracarro LP34 (Inner Metro) UHF/VHF – Horizontal or Vertical mounting option. Log periodic aerial pre-assembled. Excellent RF engineering and high level design of the dipole connection guarantees a highly reliable RF contact. Characterized by excellent clamp resistance of the boom elements and unmatched RF stability.



AE 652LP Log Periodic UHF/VHF – designed to optimise digital reception, manufactured to the highest standards to withstand Australian climate conditions. Horizontal or Vertical mounting option. This antenna receives between 6 – 52 channels.