Would you love to immerse yourself in the complete audio and visual experience from your home theatre? If you are seriously considering to set up your ultimate home theatre, there are some things that you need to bear in mind. Purchasing awesome equipment like the latest ‘State of the art’ television and audio equipment is great, but if you fail to install the setup properly, then you won’t be able to maximise the potential of your audio and visual equipment. To prevent you from making any serious mistakes, we recommend the following.

Choose a television that gives you the optimal viewing experience.

Most people automatically think that purchasing a bigger television means you will enjoy a better viewing experience. You want to immerse yourself in the television show or movie that you are watching, but you don’t want the experience to be overwhelming. To prevent an overwhelming viewing experience, you want to avoid purchasing a television that is too large for your room’s aesthetics. Most people tend to sit about 3 metres away from their television. If you have a large television screen (in excess of 42 inches), then you may need to sit further away from the screen to ensure that you have a comfortable viewing experience. Alternatively, if your screen is too small, it can make your viewing experience uncomfortable. Invest in a television that will give you a viewing angle of 40 degrees to create an immersive cinematic experience and that fills up your field of view.

Check the reception quality to your television.

Many people confuse the quality of the reception with the signal that is being received. In fact, there are several factors that could be contributing to poor reception. These include:

Ensuring your antenna is functioning properly.

Damage can occur to your antenna from the weather or wildlife. If your antenna is old, it may have deteriorated over time. Do a visual inspection or hire an expert to assess the condition of your antenna.

Cables could be affecting your reception.

Another common culprit for poor reception may be from the condition of your cables. In order for your cables to transmit your signal successfully, your cables need to be inserted into your aerials, televisions or set top boxes firmly and ensure the cable jackets aren’t exposed to avoid interference with the signal.

Check the signal connectivity for your area.

Terrible playback on your television will ruin your home theatre experience. Getting a television that plays in HD 1080p or 4K will be rendered useless if your antenna connectivity produces a poor signal reception. To guarantee your television experience, ensure that your antenna is receiving the perfect signal so you receive a crisp picture quality. Many homeowners will fork out their money on a high quality TV but realise their connectivity issues when it is too late. To avoid any issues before you invest in your home theatre, speak to an antenna specialist who can advise you whether your current antenna solution will deliver the experience that you desire or whether you will need to make any necessary upgrades.

Sound issues caused from your audio setup.

Some of the issues that people experience when setting up their home audio include:

  • The sound not coming out clearly through your speakers.
  • Neighbours complaining that the sound is too loud.
  • No sound comes out of your speakers.
  • The sound only comes out through the TV and not your home theatre speakers.
  • The placement of your speakers makes it difficult to hear the audio properly.
  • Before purchasing your television and home theatre equipment, learn about the connectivity requirements of your television so you can successfully configure your home theatre setup.

Purchasing your home theatre is exciting. Ensure that you give yourself the best opportunity for your home setup by checking your room’s aesthetics and your antenna connectivity and signals. You can read more on the Australian Antennas Home Theatre setups here.