We get a few questions about standard definition and high definition, from people wondering if it’s worth it to invest in the high definition television, or if they’ll be ok with a standard definition. We want to clear this up here and explain what the difference is.

What are you getting from your TV?

The definition – which basically means the quality and detail of your pictures that is being received by your TV, is going to be directly linked to the type of TV that you are watching, and the quality of the antenna and cables that connect it. You’ll find that most standard TV sets (including common analogue TV sets) are already going to be getting what is known as standard definition pictures. A standard definition picture is 525 lines of picture resolution across a 4:3 ratio TV screen. SD Digital – which is now being transmitted in all areas transmitting digital – help to overcome most of the traditional reception problems when decoded to your TV via your digital set top box. So long as you have a good TV, a good antenna and good cabling, your viewing experience should be spot on.

What are the benefits of HD Digital?

You get DVD or cinema quality picture and MP3 quality sound when you view music and images through your TV set up on your SD Digital when you have a TV set with a 16:9 ratio – which is a widescreen TV. A HD TV image (which is only available through a HD TV receiver – which is significantly more expensive) on the other hand, provides between 1080 to 1125 lines of resolution – compared to the aforementioned 525 lines, but this kind of clarity comes at a price.

What does this mean?

Within two years of the introduction of digital broadcasting, commercial TV broadcasters will be required to provide at least 20 hours of HD programs. Unless you’re a real home entertainment buff, you really don’t need to worry about the HDTV because the Federal Government is requiring that broadcasters provide a digital SD signal at all times, even when a HD program is being shown. This means that all viewers are going to be able to get a digital transmission, whether they’re on an SDTV or a HDTV receiver.

If you have deep pockets or a big love of movies at home, then it’s worth spending more for the quality of the HD set top box, but be aware that you only get the experience of HD from the programs that have it available, and also while you’re gaming or watching Blu-Ray DVDs. For top quality antenna installation in Melbourne or repairs, and the very best in home antenna advice, contact to the experts at Australian Antennas on 1300 361 121.